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Zhao Changjun

Zhao ChangJun, one of the most famous Wushu masters in China, was born in Xi'an in 1960. Zhao began learning Wushu at the age of 6. At ten, he was selected into the Shaanxi Provincial Wushu Team, where he got systematic training in martial arts. In 1974, he visited Japan as a member of the Chinese Wushu Team. Because of his excellent performance in Japan, the State Physical Culture Commission gave him the title of "Juvenile Wushu Diplomat".

From 1978 to 1987,  he won 10 individual all-round championships and 54 gold medals in the competitions at home and abroad. So far, no one has broken this record. His Ditang Quan, Swordsmanship and Cudgel Skill are known as "Zhao's Three Uniques".

Since 1983, he has been a successful actor and Kung Fu director in dozens of Kung Fu movies and TV series, such as "Wu Dang", ”China‘s No.1 Swordman“ and “The Legend of Hai Deng“. His superb Wushu feats and attractive stage image have won him the title of  “Kung Fu Prince". He has performed the Chinese Wushu in more than 30 countries.

After retirement in 1987, Grandmaster Zhao founded Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy and has strived to improve its quality and to turn it into a first-class Wushu training center.

Grand Master Zhao is a council member of China Wushu Association, vice chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Wushu Assciation, general coach of Shaanxi Wushu Team, and president and general coach of Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy.